Programs for Mothers

Enabling the underprivileged women to lead a fulfilled life through our comprehensive rehabilitation and reintegration process.

An in-depth study of the red-light area and the pattern of functioning reflect the dehumanizing situation that the commercially sexually exploited women (CSEW) face every day. Pushed into the trade at a young age, at times even before they attain puberty the women are often not aware of the trap they are falling into. Once in the trade, there is no escape till the brothel keeper has earned well enough through them. Here they are subjected to physical and mental torture if they refuse to abide by the wishes of the keeper. As most women have no formal education, they have no knowledge of how much they earn. When they are allowed to leave the set-up, they are most probably a victim of life-threatening diseases like AIDS, without any place to go to.

Thus in all probability, they will continue in the area and start soliciting and earning. Once trapped in the trade, women get pulled into a vicious circle from which escape is difficult. They get succour through contacts with various organizations working in the area. They form the bridge for them to develop linkage with the outside world, which also form the support system to the women, should they choose to move out of the trade.

The women in the red-light area have been deceived physically, emotionally and economically; subjugated, dehumanized and marginalized at every step of their lives either by outsiders or, as in most cases, by their own family members. The complete lack of education over generations, augmented by pervasive poverty, makes them especially vulnerable to the exploitations of the sex trade which is a multi-million dollar industry today.

Navjeevan Centre has been relentlessly trying to enable these women to lead a fulfilled life through our comprehensive rehabilitation and reintegration process. The program includes dealing with their legal issues, counselling, health, financial security, preparation of documents, alternative skill training and job placement for rehabilitation. The ultimate aim of the organization is to reach out to all the women in the red-light area, motivate and empower them in their desire for alternate source of livelihood. The women’s unit has a membership of around 300 women.

The major programs are:
  • Contact and rapport building through various entry point programs
  • Comprehensive residential “care and protection” program for their children
  • Counselling to deal with personal and work-related emotional trauma and addiction
  • Health care programs geared towards monitoring their health through comprehensive health check-up once a year and periodic health camps for specific health issues
  • Medical assistance especially for HIV affected women
  • Legal assistance for preparation of documents like Aadhar card, Ration care, Birth Certificate, etc.
  • Encourage saving habits by assisting in opening bank accounts in recognized banks
  • Market-oriented skill development and training
  • Economic independence by identifying job suitable to the training
  • Referral to other institutional care services of women wanting to move out of the trade
  • Assistance in rehabilitation in terms of marriage, short/long term residential stay facility, migration back to village, housing etc.

Project Activities

Programs for Children

The goal of this program is to provide the much-needed facilities and nurturing environment in which these children can recover in body, mind, and spirit from the horrors of life in the brothels.

Programs for Mothers

This program is aimed to enable the underprivileged women to lead a fulfilled life through our comprehensive rehabilitation and reintegration process.

Village Outreach Programs

This program is driven towards the development of not only ourselves but also the society and nearby villages. It strives in getting the villages to be more self-sufficient.