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Corporate Partnerships and Funding

Navjeevan is engaged daily in its effort to make a difference in lives with compassion and support. Empowering women and children to overcome traumas and become confident to face challenges and achieve a life of dignity.

Why Partner with Navjeevan

  • Navjeevan is committed to high standards of accountability and transparency which is an expression of our core value of ‘stewardship’. We continually strive to maintain high standards of professional competence and accountability through specified structures.
  • An independent board exercises overall governance leadership, managing risks and ensuring compliance to statutory requirements.
  • We have our policies, procedures, systems, practices, work culture, periodic peer reviews, operation audits, mid-term evaluations and independent internal audit as well as external audit by reputed audit firm in place to reflect our commitment to accountability and transparency.
  • Over the last 25 years we have built strong systems to manage and monitor our projects. Projects are also regularly assessed by the General Body and Trustees to measure compliances and ensure accountability.
  • We work to comply with the rules and regulations required by law for NGOs and by the State Social Welfare Board and The Women and Child Welfare Department.

Partner with us to make a long-lasting difference!

Adopt a Project

Navjeevan undertakes various projects to make itself self-sustaining and to improve the life of women and children. You can adopt a project and choose to support the entire project or just a part of it, based on its area of focus – like subsistence, education, health, vocational training, rehabilitation or any other area of work – such as sponsoring solar panel installation, purchase of school buses, computerisation, infrastructure development to name a few. Please contact us to discuss the areas of collaboration to bring about a better society.

You may also choose to provide non-financial inputs to the project, like training, technical expertise, build capacity, raising funds and campaign support.

Marketing Support

As a corporate, you can use your marketing channels for innovative ways to support Navjeevan’s efforts. Your business can, using a small effort, extend marketing avenues to help Navjeevan easily. For example, donate a percentage of every sale towards supporting a child; or drop information flyers into your shopping bags; encourage stakeholders to contribute through your communication.

Underwriting expenses

At Navjeevan, there are several operational costs incurred in managing and maintaining the organisation and its activities. We incur costs such as information technology, office furniture,

basic amenities, maintenance, cost of travel, trainings and so on. By partnering with Navjeevan to underwrite these organisational expenses, that allows us to fully focus on our programmes, you join us in our endeavour to create lasting change.

For more information on partnering with Navjeevan or to meet a representative, please contact us or write to us at

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