Whether you are an individual, student, corporate or institution – Reach out to underprivileged children and women and share your time and skills to improve their lives. You can come and spend a few days or weeks at Murbad, do an internship, teach the children or volunteer for an activity, raise funds, etc. Valuable contribution to this cause comes from the persistent efforts of our volunteers. We offer a diverse range of volunteering opportunities. Through these, you can not only contribute towards the betterment of underprivileged children, but we can promise that you will also undergo a transformational journey yourself!

Navjeevan and You

Be a prayer partner by spending quality time in prayer remembering us and our needs. Above all, come and visit us when you get a chance.

Volunteer Speak

Rhea Sen

Rhea SenVolunteer - Delhi

Ajju Joseph

Ajju JosephVolunteer - Cochi

Sarah John

Sarah JohnVolunteer - Bangalore

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