Vocational Training Centre

Vocational Training Centre (ISO 9001 2008 certified)

Navjeevan Vocational Training Centre was initiated to provide supportive technical skills to the high school going students of Navjeevan Centre, in addition to their high school education. Murbad being an untouched taluka in terms of development in the political process of the state, Navjeevan Centre found it is an ideal centre to start a technical centre by which the youth of the area would be able to contribute their technical skills for the development of the country. Moreover, one part of the taluka is a tribal belt where people have not even heard the word development.

Navjeevan Centre did an extensive survey of the 30 surrounding villages of the Navjeevan Village to understand the socio-economic conditions prevailing in the area. As a result, it was found that most of the youths aged between 15 to 25 are jobless because they are not qualified sufficiently. Similarly, survey forms were distributed in these villages to know the choice of their technical areas. Around 300 forms were collected within the next two weeks. A committee was formed to look into the result of the survey and select the trades that most of the respondents prefer. As a result, 10 trades were selected for the year 2009-10. The response was overwhelming. The technical centre formally started functioning on 23rd September 2009 with a total strength of 240 students in ten trades.

The trades introduced in Navjeevan Vocational Training Centre have given due importance to the industrial need of the country. Most of them are diploma courses and the students who successfully complete the course will be issued the certificate of Fr. Agnel Institute, Bandra. The centre provides English training for all the students enrolled in, which will be an additional strength for their job application.

The students coming to the centre are mostly from economically weak strata of the society. Therefore students are not in a position to pay the big amount as a fee. Navjeevan has fixed a nominal amount as a contribution from the students which are collected in four installations. Partially Supported by AXIS BANK FOUNDATION
Courses Managed by Fr. Agnel Institute, Bandra

Agnel technical college (Polytechnic)-Bandra-Mumbai

ANNUAL REPORT from April 2010-March 2011

Community Development through Polytechnic
“Learn a skill to make a better living”


Navjeevan Vocation Training Centre (NJVTC) in collaboration with Agnel Technical College is focused on imparting competency and need to be based, action oriented and holistic, technical training to the rural and urban economically backwards youth for self and wage employment.


NVTC was established on 23rd September 2009.


1. Electrician (1 yr)
2. Electronics (1 yr)
3. Computer Hardware and Networking (1 yr)
4. Information Technology (1 yr)
5. Mechanical Draftsman (1 yr)
6. Dressmaking and Fashion Designing (1 yr)
7. Professional Beautician (1 yr)
8. Typing (6 months)
9. Mobile Repairing (3 months)
10. Soft skill (3 months)


There are a total of 9 instructors and 1 sweeper and 1 watchman in NJVTC


1st Batch (2009-2010)
Admitted- 294
Drop out- 109
Pass out- 159
Employed- 55
2nd Batch (2010-2011)
Admitted- 248
Drop out- 49
Regular students- 199

Village Survey

Months before the commencement of the new batch for the year 2010-2011, that is, June, July and August, a survey was conducted in Murbad Taluka. The Taluka consists of 64 villages and the survey was conducted in all these villages to find out the number of the drop-out students in each village. These students were then encouraged to consider taking up a vocational training course in NJVTC. Currently, students from all 64 villages attend NJVTC and have enrolled in various courses.

Admission Booth

A booth was set up in the month of August at the Government ITI, Murbad, for the intention of advertising for new admissions. The staff and students worked hand in hand for the setting up of the booth. Around 20 new admissions were received by the setting up of the Booth.

Visit of Tribal Welfare Minster of Maharastra

Mr Padmakar Walvi, The Tribal Development and Labor Command Minister of Maharastra Government, visited NJVTC on 28th July 2010 and interacted with staff and students. Fr Dennis, Superior of Agnel Technical College, and Fr. Victor Rebello, Director of Agnel Technical College also graced us with their presence during this day.

Seminar on Renewable Energy Resources

A seminar was conducted on 21st August in NJVTC. A team of experts from Arka Technologies from Pune in Association with Fr Agnel Technical College spoke on the topic of Renewable Energy Resources. Around 200 students participated in this seminar and received various facts and information on the subject matter.

Visit of Axis Bank Chairman

Mr Babu Joseph, Chairman and CEO of Axis Bank Foundation and Executive Trustee of Axis Bank, visited NJVTC on 28th August 2010. During the visit, he was oriented on all the trades and programs of NJVTC and was given an opportunity to interact with all the students and staff.

Campus Cleaning Day

14th of August was set apart as Campus Cleaning Day, where the students and staff worked together to clean the Campus. The students and staff of all trades participated in this day with great enthusiasm.

Independence Day Celebration

The 63rd Independence Day was celebrated by Flag Hosting and conducting Cultural Program. Rev. Matthew Philip, Director of Navjeevan Centre was the chief guest of the Celebrations. The Message of the Independence Day Celebration was given by Rev. Matthew Samuel, Associate Director of Navjeevan Centre. All the staff and students patriotically participated in all the programs.

Farewell of the 1st Batch

159 students from all the 10 trades passed out from the 1st batch 2009- 2010. A farewell was conducted for all the 177 students in NJVTC on 9th September 2010. Rev. Matthew Samuel, Associate Director, Fr. Bino Kuriakose, Program coordinator and Mrs Preena Samuel, Principal of Navjyoti School where the delegates for the function. All three delegates encouraged the outgoing in and wished them all the best for their future endeavour. Marathi New Testament Bible was distributed for interested students.

Start of new academic year (2010-11)

On 23rd September 2011 the new academic year began as 248 students joined various trades offered by NJVTC. The year began with a Welcoming and Orientation Program. The program began with a prayer and the students were then given orientation on the various rules and regulations of NJVTC. Mr Lijoy, Supervisor and the various staff of NJVTC conducted this program.

Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration

The Students and staff of Navjeevan Village and NJVTC conducted the Celebration by a Cleaning Program in 5 Areas in Tokowade. This was done in cooperation with the local people of the area and who helped provide snacks for the staff and children.

The World AIDS Day

The Students of NJVTC and Navjyothi school joined hands to conduct various awareness programs on World AIDS Day. The student and staff conducted a rally from NJVTC to the Tokowade Market. On arrival of the market, the students conducted street play and an awareness message to the local people of the village. Rev. Matthew Samuel, Associate Director of Navjeevan and the social workers of Navjeevan Village gave leadership to this program.
Blood Donation Camp: The students and staff of NJVTC participated in Blood Donation Camp arranged by J.P. College, Manivaly.

Village Awareness program

During the advent of Christmas, the students of NJVTC and several Social Work trainees collaborated together to conduct an awareness program for Morosi Tribal Village on 22nd December. Street play, Mime and Christmas Message were conducted during this awareness program. In addition, books were supplied to the entire primary school students in the village and also clothes were given to all 165 families in the village.

Christmas Celebration

On Christmas Eve, 24th December, Christmas Celebration Program was conducted in NJVTC at 11 am. The Christmas Message was given by Rev Matthew Samuel, Associate Director. In addition, songs were performed by Navjeevan Choir and Navjeevan staff during this occasion.

New Year’s Celebration

On 31st December, the students of the computer Hardware and Networking Trade with the leadership of Mr Sarat Thorat, Instructor of NJVTC, organised a New Years Celebration Program.

Sports Day

On 19th January 2011 the sports day was commenced, were all the students and staff competed in various sports till the 25th of January. Various sports likes Kabaddi, Chess, Cricket, Long Jump, etc was conducted along with other competitions like Rangoli, Drawing and Essay Writing Competitions. The winners of the various sports competitions and other competition were selected to participate for the Ambernath Annual Sports Day.

Republic Day Celebration

The Republic Day Celebration started at 8:30 am on 26th January with a Flag Hosting ceremony and parade. The chief guest for the day was Dr Madan G. Pandith, PHC Doctor.

Certificate Distribution for toppers

During the Navjyothi Annual Day Program (2nd February 2011) certificate was given to all the toppers of the various trade in NJVTC. The certificates were handed over by Mr Babu Joseph, CEO and Chairman of Axis Bank.

Agnel Annual Day-Rising India 2011

On 23rd February 2011 Agnel Technical college arranged their Annual Day celebration where student and staff from all their 12 centres participated. Selected skit and dance from NJVTC was showcased during this annual day program

Community Development program

All the various trade in NJVTC are assigned a certain village where they have to conduct various development activities. The instructor and student from various trades met with the respective leaders of the villages and discussed on the major problems that the community faces. They also meet up with the drop-out students and encourage them to pursue a career. In addition, they conducted several house visits and discussed the possibilities of future development programs that can be done in collaboration with local village people. This academic year all 10 trades have covered 10 villages and have conducted this program successfully and were able to establish a good relationship with the village people that will help in enhancement of various developmental programs that are to be conducted in the future.

Market Visit and Industry Visit

All the students and staff of NJVTC went to MIDC, Murbad and Ambernath on a monthly basis according their trade to study the possibility of placement and for a preparation for their future career.


Students of various trades were assigned to conduct an exhibition stall, individually or group-wise based on the material of the curriculum. The students displayed their exhibitions at the NJVTC.
School and college visit: The staff and supervisor visit various schools and colleges in and around Murbad to talk about the various courses offered in NJVTC and to encourage prospective students to enrol for the next academic year.


The year began with the farewell of the 1st batch of NJVTC. There ever various activities conducted to help to mould the students in a holistic manner and help promote service motivated professionalism to the students of the 2nd batch. There are plans to start new trades in NJVTC and to promote the growth of the centre so that it will impact the community at large.