Village Outreach Program

At Navjeevan village, we also aim at the development of not only ourselves but also the society and nearby villages. In keeping with the principle of optimum utilisation of available resources, the school and health centre facilities at Navjeevan Village is also open to the people of the nearby five villages. Navjeevan will also strive in getting the villages to be more self-sufficient.

In the past years, Navjeevan Centre has assisted the villagers in digging bore wells, helped in conducting 4 marriages and also helped in the construction of 4 individual houses for the most indigent families and construction of 5 more houses are underway.

Regular visits and interactions with the villagers are undertaken to understand their need and social problems and efforts will be made to organising them to find solutions.

Awareness and Advocacy: Awareness about the Navjeevan Centre among the public and advocating the cause of these underprivileged women and their children is done through publishing issues of newsletter regularly, campaigns, holding workshops and through conducting training programmes. Sensitisation programmes in schools and colleges are regularly carried out. Navjeevan along with other like-minded organisations strive to campaign for the rights of these underprivileged women and their children.

Developing and sustaining viable income generating programs: In the past few years, various attempts have been made to develop the vast acres of land at Murbad through various sustainable means to cater to the needs of Navjeevan Village and also to generate income. In other words, the aim of Navjeevan is to achieve self-sufficiency through sustainable growth. At present, the Centre has its own agricultural production of rice, groundnut, tapioca, vegetables that help to meet the Centres need to some extent.